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Tantalum, a refractory metal, is extremely durable and is capable of performing for many years with no loss of production. There are numerous applications of tantalum equipment performing for decades without failures due to corrosion.

While the initial costs of tantalum equipment may appear higher than other materials, the advantage is realized in the longevity gained reducing downtime, repairs, and/or replacement costs.

Tantalum fabrication was developed for production of chemical process equipment in the 1960's. While the fabrication technology is not new, it remains demanding with strict attention to detail. While tantalum is easily formed, elevating the material over 500° F requires all surfaces to be protected with an inert atmosphere. Typical tantalum fabrication utilized lining various equipment to help reduce cost. Tantalum lining is routinely performed using .015", .020", and .030" thicknesses. It is the ability to work with these thicknesses that separates Special Metals.

The fabrication/welding of tantalum often mirrors that of titanium, zirconium, and niobium in that all surfaces require inert shielding. Special Metals has the expertise to fabricate using these materials as well. We are a custom fabricator producing high quality equipment in any of the refractory metals. While tantalum is our primary material, if your requirement is quality, Special Metals is the choice.

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